Keeleõpe interaktiivseid suhtlemismeetodeid kasutades
Sugesto keeltekool

Successful integration practices

From 2016 to 2018 Sugesto is a partner in a project and a platform that is supported by Erasmus +, for teachers and trainers to strengthen their competences in working with different social groups, including refugees.

The aim of the present project “Together”: best practices exchange for integrating refugees is to help refugees and people from developing countries successfully integrate to their new residents and be willing and prepared to contribute to the local community.

Our project partners: Läänemaa  Local Governments Association from Estonia (project leader), More Og RomsdalFylkeskommune from Norway and Associacao Comersial e Industrial de Santo Tirso from Portugal.

Sugesto contributes in compiling a “best practices” manual for language teachers, key persons in local municipalities and other specialists working with refugees.

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