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Sugesto keeltekool

Sugesto language school is one of the oldest private language schools in Estonia.

Founded in 1991 it is based on suggestopedia, a method which accelerates the learning process.





In Sugesto you can learn Estonian, Russian, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Finnish. Sugesto has thirty years experience in conducting teacher trainings and introducing suggestopedic approach through numerous seminars, workshops and presentations. Teacher training includes methodology, psychology and lesson demonstrations using suggestopedic approach.
We provide learners with various types and lengths (30, 40, 60 hours) of conversational and business language courses at different levels. We also offer in-company courses tailored to company requirements and crash-courses in summer.
Sugesto has participated in numerous projects and won many Integration Foundation, Unemployment Insurance Fund and Government Office tenders. We have also participated in European Lifelong Learning Program Grundtvig and Erasmus which focuse on integration practices
Sugesto participates in European Lifelong Learning Program Grundtvig and in Erasmus + project which focuses on integration practices.

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Tests are available for Estonian, Russian and Finnish languages

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About Sugesto

  • Our mission...

    ... is to create an enjoyable and activating learning environment for our students where they can acquire the language in true – to – life communicative situations.
  • We aim to ...

    ...offer the language learning as a joyful and creative process with a lot of emphasis on students’ active participation and cooperation.
  • We value...

    ... open – minded, creative and committed learners.

In our classes we...

  • make better use of students potential abilities...

    ... through challenging roles and activities, memory propping associations and inspiring music
  • use a new approach...

    ... to teaching grammar through creative tasks, pictures, colors and music
  • provide students with supportive and encouraging atmosphere...

    ... to enhance their self-esteem and activate language acquisition from the very first lesson